After 8 years of freelancing, why start a professional blog?

LinkedIn is for humble brags and self-promotion. Twitter is ephemeral screaming into a void. TikTok is for how-tos or following trending formats. My work is… denser than any of those platforms will allow.

A professional blog allows me to elaborate on topics. With so many diverse experiences (translation: so many stories) I have lots to share and at the same time, nothing to prove. The purpose of this blog is to simply keep a record of discoveries related to work, that I can refer back to, or share with others, in a deeper dive than social media.

I only have the energy or the interest to do this now, in 2022. Professional freelancing means I’m on the clock for clients – and when I’m not, I’m doing taxes, or other admin, and rarely promoting myself. Well, it’s time. I’m damn good at writing and most of my content goes unattributed. I’m taking back some of my creative energy and spending it to… talk about work?

I’ll start with back-loading a few stories as any good marketer would, to provide enough juicy content to make the launch worthwhile. So don’t just read the menu, take a few bites.